About Us

Why Choose Horizon?
We at Horizon Pressroom Technology understand that production can be challenging at times.  While we stay ahead of most changes in the industry, we’re always there when you need us!  Whether for the latest technology in UV coatings, water-based coatings, fountain solutions, silicones, blanket & roller washes, and ancillary products, we are always ready to help improve your process.


Our Team:

With the knowledge that comes with our combined experience in the industry, we understand our customer needs inside and out. If it’s fine tuning our products to meet your pressroom demands to further improve the process overall, or the technical understanding of assisting you with product troubleshooting, Horizon Pressroom Technology is dedicated in helping you meet your short and long-term goals.

Feel free to contact any member of our team to schedule an on-site evaluation or simply fill in the contact page for assistance. We take your process seriously, so you always have the team to count on for all your pressroom needs!

The Horizon Technical Team consists of:

Jeff Patrick


Jeff has over 27 years of experience in the chemical manufacturing and printing industry. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Arkansas State University with a major of Printing Technology and Management. His multifunctional expertise includes: strategic planning, implementation, and successful management of critical sales efforts, technical service, and marketing. His leadership style effectively balances a hands-on approach with strong creative and innovative abilities.

Email: jeff@hzntechnology.com

Steve Lanham

Technical Manager

Steve brings over 40+ years of press operations and management experience to our team. He moved from the pressroom in 2002 to the chemical manufacturing side of the business and has an expansive knowledge on the products and services that Horizon Pressroom Technology provides.

Email: steve@hzntechnology.com

Mission Statement:

To be the worldwide leader in product technology and support services throughout the industry we serve.