Products & Services

With our highly degreed chemists formulating our product lines, our advanced manufacturing capabilities, we are sure that you will witness process improvements through our technology and services.

Manufactured Technologies

UV & Water-Based Coatings

Gloss, Satin, Matte, 100% UV Soft Touch, and many other specialty products designed for all industries.

Fountain Solutions

Advanced solutions for all offset applications.


Advanced low dosing silicone technology that provides the slip characteristics that you demand from a product with no voiding or growth issues.

Blanket & Roller Washes

Many types of automatic and hand washes that are water and non-water miscible, along with many other specialty cleaning formulations.

Ancillary Products

Several support products necessary for the pressroom such as plate cleaners, dampening system cleaners, and many others.

For more specific product recommendations, please contact our Technical Team at (630) 454-4301. You will be connected directly to a member servicing your area.

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Services & Training

Horizon Pressroom Technology understand the importance of timely technical support 24/7 by phone at (630) 454-4301, or simply schedule on-site service within one business day.  Horizon also assist you with Installation and Product Audits

  • Installation and Product Audit
  • Process Improvements & Troubleshooting
  • Consulting and Pressroom Audits
  • Product usage and training sessions for all shifts and product lines